Happy Thanksgiving- Energy Savings

Happy Thanksgiving, here are a few videos to enjoy after you partake in some turkey.

100+ mpg: EPA grant equips Houston to upgrade fleet Priuses to Hymotion PHEVs

Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the EPA, the City of Houston upgraded five more of its Toyota Prius fleet to Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) with the only EPA certified battery module the week after Thanksgiving 2010. These Hymotion PHEV Priuses, like the first ten the City upgraded in 2009, can achieve gas mileage 100+ mpg, fueling the first 30-40 miles primarily with Hymotion’s 5 kW battery and only a 5.5-hour charge in a conventional 110 V AC electrical outlet. Results: better air quality for kids, more fuel savings, and a green automotive infrastructure for Texas and the nation’s 2+ million Priuses.

What a HERS score is

Rene Oehlerking explains what a HERS score is and how it can save you significant money on your utilities.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Samuel Carrara, PE, MBA, LEED GA


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